13 Trinity Street, Colchester CO1 1JN
Tel: 01206 571488

Welcome to Icarus Hairdressing

Icarus Hairdressing has a new home: after many years in Head Street, the salon has been moved to 13 Trinity street. The new premises are just as interesting in their architectural form as the last venue was, possibly more so, as the new host for Icarus is a medieval building which exudes character and keeps the salon away from the usual expected images of hairdressing. There are still rooms where privacy is of the essence, thus a client does not have to worry about being on show to the public if they wish to remain unseen in rollers.

The reason for the move..
Icarus Hairdressing opened in Head Street in the early 1990's. It was created by the current owner [Paul] and his then business partner Ruth Hammond. The premises had previously been a salon called Squire which had opened in 1893.. thus the rooms occupied had been home to the dressing of hair for over 100 years. However, after a constant run of hairdressing for 118 years, the stairs were getting steeper and the cost of keeping such large rooms even vaguely warm were getting higher, thus two years after Ruth retired Paul moved the business and as many of the wonderful gold edged mirrors as possible to the lovely location of Trinity street. One great plus with the new location is that there is a ground floor salon, so clients who really hated those old stairs in Head Street no longer have to worry, and as there are also first floor rooms those who wish to be elevated can still be so.

Apart from the change of address, Icarus remains the same. The same staff and the same attention to detail.

The prime aim of the salon over the years has always been to give great service to the clients. Because of the very nature of the salon and the fact that it is hidden from the eyes of passers by you will never be seen with a huge head of foils by a hoard of shoppers through a street window. The clients are nurtured with hourly appointments, quality coffee served in fine china cups and heaps of glossy magazines - and have usually been introduced to the place by word-of-mouth and recommendation.

We do not [and never intend to] have music playing in the background; it is impossible to cater to all music tastes and why would you want to be bombarded by thudding drumbeats when you need to unwind during some quality self time? Also, we ask that clients keep their mobile telephones on silent for the same reason.

The senior stylists have many years of experience and their characters suit the atmosphere of the salon. All are extremely good cutters and colourists. The fact that we do not have a vast turnover of staff shows [we hope] that people who work at 'Icarus' are happy to be there and this in turn keeps a sense of continuity. All apprentices are still 'in house' trained thus they will come out of their training with a good firm grounding with which to start their professional lives.

Wedding hair

One main aspect of Icarus is that it is known for wedding hair and party hair and also Vintage styles. The almost-lost art of putting hair up is alive and kicking here, we even have someone who can offer a makeup service for weddings.

Paul Ridley-Thomas

About the Owner

After almost 25 years, Paul Ridley-Thomas has decided to take a back seat in the running of Icarus Hairdressing, so as from 1st November 2016 Dawn Canham [senior stylist] will be taking the crown, and will be the figure head of the company.

Paul will still be in evidence as he will work on Thursdays and alternate Fridays, but can also be found working in Dedham on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The theme and style of Icarus will continue under Dawn's care as she has been part of the company for almost 20 years.